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I'm back

I was a bit busy for a period of 5 months but im back and really looking forward to sharing and learning with all you birders. All my life i dreamed of flying and so when i started birding i kind of got lost in daydreaming. Birding is a way for me to escape from the worries and hurries of life and is a kind of calming therapy. So any advice or help anyone can give me is really appreciated because i only started 4 years ago. BIRD PEEPS ROCKS!


I am a novice birder but i do need some advice from andy experts out there. i have rouble attracting birds and dont know why currently no birds are visiting my "fancy" bird bath! i have pretty much all he equipment except a really fancy camera but i really dont know how to put it all into action. i really really like birding and from what little i have experienced it is facinating! any advice would really help. thanks

My Beginning...

For years I've been a bird enthusiast. My parents had everything to do with that, and so did their parents. We've had birds as pets, and our yard was never without bird feeders, bird houses, and bird baths. In school, most of my projects centered around birds. Yet, at a point in my life when I had time to pursue a new hobby, I was clueless as to what direction to take.

Make Your Yard a Bird Haven

You may be one of those people spend those lazy summer days inside on the couch. Even if you don't do that(I know I don't), You can spend this time making your yard a haven for birds.
First and foremost, is Water. Birds need it to bathe, drink, and some even to live in. If you are thinking of going to the store and buying one of those beautiful Victorian style birdbaths, stop yourself. Water in a bird bath doesn't need to be more that two inches deep. so go with an old(but clean) garbage can lid or a frisbee.


My name is Jennie and I work at a Wildlife Refuge in Washington. My favorite birds to watch are ducks! I am starting a Teen Audubon group and hoping to find some good resources on this site!


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